State Bank of Bement Quick Tips: Reset Your Mobile Password

State Bank of Bement Quick Tips
  • Reset your Own Password - Users must first enroll in this service before it is enabled.  To do so, log in to your eTouch24 Internet Banking account.  Go to the "options" tab.  Find the blank box titled "Password Reset Question" and "Password Reset Answer".  Fill in the blanks and then hit "Submit" at the very bottom.  Once enrolled, a green "Information Message" box will inform you that "Your personal Question/Answer has been changed."  You are now able to reset your own password at any time, day or night!  
    • Now that I'm enrolled, how do I use the reset my own password feature?  Once enrolled, when users are locked out of their account or can't remember their password, after you type your user name and submit you will then see a blue hyperlink titled "reset password".  Click on this hyperlink and a box will appear asking you to put your own email subject line in.  (This is for your security in knowing that the reset password link that is legitimate and okay to click on.)  You will also be asked your "password reset question" and then once you correctly answer your "password reset answer", a link to reset your password will be emailed to you within seconds.  It's fast, easy and convenient to use!  
    • It's giving me an error when I click on the hyperlink.  If you receive an error, check that your user name and picture are correct.  If they are correct, then you more than likely have not fully enabled the "reset your own password" feature on the "options" tab.