Business Banking

Balance for no monthly service charge $500.00
Monthly service charge None*
Interest bearing No
Special Features For every check or debit item posted over 20 within the statement cycle, we will charge $0.25 per item. 


ATM service charges apply.  A fee of $1.00 is charged for each ATM card transaction at a "foreign" ATM. 

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 * A monthly maintenance charge of $8.00 is applied if the average daily balance falls below the minimum balance requirement.

NetTeller and Cash Management

We know you’re busy, and we’re here to help!  Our online, real-time cash management solution delivers a broad array of commercial banking services right to your desktop.  You can access your accounts and transactions; originate routine banking transactions, wire transfers and ACH transactions; access balance and float reports; make payments; access credit lines; retrieve statements, and more.  Our easy-to-use, point and click banking services are available 24/7/365 and are protected by the highest security standards.  So if you’re looking for ways to make your day a little less busy, start managing your business accounts and cash online.  Cash management and bill pay are free.  Call 217-678-2311 for rates on wire transfers and ACH originations.

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Remote Deposit Capture

There is an environmental impact to using paper checks.  In addition to the natural resources used to manufacture and print paper checks, their processing relies heavily on our nation’s transportation systems, including trucks and airplanes.  It takes a considerable amount of fuel to ship our country’s millions of checks each year between companies, financial institutions, and your home.  Due to accelerated processing times and quicker notification of account issues, the ACH-based check conversion process results in fewer bad checks, earlier fraud detection, and fewer errors.  Check conversion reduces time and resources needed to process payments, resulting in continued cost savings to your company. You can choose from the two options listed below.

Remote Deposit Capture with RDM

Batch processing is referred to as the "scan check" option.  The RDM machine is for check deposits containing no more than 10 checks a day.  This is an Internet application, and an applicant must have a computer and Internet access.  Once your application is approved, the State Bank of Bement will provide a check scanner for you to use with the program.  By using a secure Web site, secure login ID, and secure password, you will be able to scan your check deposits from your computer and send the batch within seconds!  All scanned checks deposited before 2:00 p.m. CT on business days will be added to your account balance that day.  A monthly fee applies.  Call 217-678-2311 for details on how to apply.

Remote Deposit Capture with the Panini MyVisionX

Batch processing and the Panini MyVisionX is for check deposits over 10 per day.  This is also an Internet application, and an applicant must have a computer and Internet access.  Simply place your batch of checks in the hopper module of the machine provided, login, process the batch, and sit back while the machine does all the work!  A monthly fee applies.  Call 217-678-2311 for details on how to apply.

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VISA/MasterCard Merchant Services

Process VISA and MasterCard transactions at your place of business and see your income portfolio rise!  State Bank of Bement’s VISA/MasterCard Merchant Services Program provides you with a machine and a merchant account for a low monthly fee.  Please call 217-678-2311 for more information regarding our VISA/MasterCard Merchant Services Program.

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